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Lagom is a women’s clothing brand born from the union of the ideas of Roberta Mastricci and Virginia Mio. The two Italian designers launch the project in 2020 eager to share theirs
vision with others. Their distinct styles and personalities coexist harmoniously in Lagom, as if they were in perfect balance with each other. The looks we have created for Lagom are inspired
to the process of artistic creation, conceive, redo, discard and redesign. The garments fray, are intentionally incomplete, have cuts and irregularities and the graphics of the t-shirts are
scribbles. With this collection we want to make the mistake fashionable, transform the mistake into something positive when it is usually discarded. Lagom garments have been conceived as unique, created pieces
letting yourself be carried away by the euphoria of the moment, using the materials
available and trying new packaging techniques.


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