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Les Jeux du Marquis was born in 2012 with the aim of creating accessories with a high level of sensuality.
The heritage of the brand refers to a world made of craftsmanship, excellence, savoir faire, typical of the region where he was born, the Marche, in Italy, always dedicated (and dedicated) to the production of whimsical, quality, timeless products. Les Jeux du Marquis presents itself as a capsule collection, in continuous evolution, where hyper-feminine footwear, genderless bracelets with a rock and couturier soul at the same time, coexist in an eclectic balance, fancy accessories to customize your look and, recently, an eau de parfum unisex, a sumptuous blend of natural essences, an olfactory trail unique of its kind.
With an ironic and sensual gaze, the great classics of the female collective imagination are
reinterpreted and adapted in new forms, contemporary, irreverent and strongly seductive.



Photographer Elisa Bonafè

Stylist Camilla Capelli

MUA Sara De Blasi


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